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    Forum Stuff...

    If there is any functionality that was on the old site that is not on the new site, please let me know.
    I know Tony mentioned Avatars to me, I think I have it set correctly, but if someone can test and verify with a non-moderator account it would be much appreciated.


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    Avatar setting verified with non-moderator account.
    Thanks for getting us up and running Matt. I truly appreciate your help.

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    Thanks Matt for the time you put in to get things up and running. I really miss this forum and I am glad it's back.
    I absolutely love to shoot steel targets!

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    Thanks for stopping by Ronzo.

    I've got lots of work to do over the next few months, but after an almost two year absence, we're back up! Our main goal was to have a central repository for various match results and photos. Sadly we lost several years worth of match results and photos that will take a long, long time to recreate.

    The hat will be passed to help defer initial startup costs but this site is not a commercial venture intended to generate revenue. The biggest expense was the Vbulletin software at $250 but that's a one time expense. Two years of domain name registration, hosting service and misc. expenses added another $150 bucks. Donations to cover start up costs are appreciated but are not required.
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