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    VIMBAR match information

    The idea of shooting ViMBAR is to experience the capabilities these old rifles had on the battlefield. The development and use of the military bolt action rifles using metallic cartridges spans from circa mid eighteen sixties to 1936 when the last newly developed military bolt action rifle was adopted. Of course, these guns provided excellent service in WWII and long after. During this time many guns were produced to supply the armies of the world. Some were better then the others, but most had capabilities that are amazing still today.

    Guns & Equipment

    Any military bolt-action rifle in as-issued, battle-ready condition, with original as-issued iron sights, and chambered for its original military cartridge may be used. Ammunition may be loaded with soft nosed, hollow point, or Full Metal Jacket bullets. No armor piercing, or tracer ammunition will be allowed. Except for the offhand and rapid-fire stage, any tactical position may be used for shooting. Sandbags, field packs, helmets, etc. may be used as a rest. A mat or tarp, elbow pads, and recoil-shield may also be used for shooting. Wearing of period uniforms is encouraged to enhance the experience, but is not required. We generally include a hand gun on one stage, and encourage shooters to bring their own, though we usually have a loner available. Same rules apply to the hand gun - as issued. Any military pistol or DA revolver in use prior to 1960 and in as issued condition can be used.

    When, where, & cost

    ViMBAR matches are held at Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Squad assignment, safety briefing, and COF walk through begins promptly at 9:00AM, (or 8:00AM during summer hours), with live fire immediately following. Cost is ten dollars for DSRPC members and nonmembers, but your first match is free.

    Additional information

    Approximately 50 rounds of rifle ammo is required along with six shots from a vintage hand gun. Scores are based on hits or misses.

    If you compete in uniform, you get a one point bonus, and if you shoot the whole match with your bayonet attached in the pointy position, you get a one point bonus.

    We also have a grenade and/or bayonet throw on one of the stages.

    Please contact match director Jim Drulensky with any questions.
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