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Thread: 9mm CF-W bolts for the SWD M11 A-1

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    9mm CF-W bolts for the SWD M11 A-1

    The new CF-W "A" bolt is finally here!

    This direct drop in replacement bolt for the large magwell SWD M-11A1 allows the use of cheaper, easier to find, and harder hitting, 9mm ammo in their small frame gun with only a barrel swap. This heavy tungsten alloy bolt drops the ROF 40% as compared to .380acp ammo, and clocks an average ROF of just under 1,000 rounds per minutes.

    Price for a complete, ready to run CF-W "A" bolt is $750.00 plus 4.99 shipping via insured USPS Priotiry Mail.
    Please call 702-763-1269 Monday - Saturday between 9:00AM - 6:00PM Pacific time to order.

    All major credit cards cheerfully accepted with a 3.5% up-charge
    Heavy tungsten alloy bolt for the M-11/9 are also available. Cuts the ROF by well over half!

    I’ve also got a few Alamo W-MAX Mk2A adapters that allow the use of this new tungsten alloy bolt in your Lage MAX-11A19mm upper receiver. I’m currently the only source for these adapters.
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