Warm with very light winds for our almost annual 7.62x39 ONLY match. Five stages, all ten rounds unless otherwise stated.
Prone supported on Stage One, with sixty seconds to engage a single 300yd. target, fifteen rounds maximum.
A shooter’s choice on Stage Two. Engage a large 200yd. target with five rounds. Then either engage the same target with five more or move to a 400yd. target. Two points for each hit at 400yds. Sitting supported.
Sweep from front to back on Stage Three, with targets at 150, 200 and 300yds. Sitting unsupported.
Alternate targets at 200 and 150yds. on Stage Four, from standing position.
The grenade pitch to start the tie breaker, Stage Five. Then engage a single 25yd. pistol target, six rounds. From any unsupported position, hit twice and move, with targets at 120, 160 and 220yds.
Possible high score of 69.

1. English Andy-------------Czech VZ-52/57------------------54
2. Mac McAllister-------------Russian SKS---------------------50
3. Joe Brennan-------------------SKS--------------------------45
4. Stephanie Weiss--------------SKS--------------------------44
5. Bill Brizzee------------------Yugo SKS----------------------42
6. Charlie Pittman---------------SKS--------------------------41
7. Marty Bridges--------------Yugo SKS----------------------40 (92.28 secs)
8. Klaus Thoma------------------SKS--------------------------40 (120.00 secs)
9. Jake Jacobson----------------SKS--------------------------39
10. Steve Franks----------------AK-47------------------------38
11. Steve Franks----------------SKS--------------------------36
12. Jon Zimmer-----------------SKS---------------------------35
13. Don Bauer------------------VEPR--------------------------32 (67.40 secs)
14. Wayne Perry-------------Russian SKS---------------------32 (125.61 secs)
15. Troy Payne-----------------SKS----------------------------29 (DNF)
16. Dave Neely------------------SKS---------------------------28 (76.75 secs)
17. Gary Pfaff-------------------SKS---------------------------28 (93.85 secs)
18. Richard Trees---------------SKS---------------------------26 (95.68 secs)
19. Travis Lindsey------------Yugo SKS-----------------------26 (97.00 secs)
20. Justin Allred-----------------SKS---------------------------24
21. Jim Green-------------------SKS---------------------------23
22. Richard Kolkoski--------Chinese SKS---------------------21
23. Alan Olsen-------------------SKS--------------------------16
24. Edwin Monadian-------------SKS--------------------------15