This was the third match of our season. This was a Sub Gun and Rifle match. We got lucky again with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with warm temperatures sunny skies and almost no wind. We had a large turnout but the match moved along smoothly and we had a team event after the main match. It was a two stage match with the shooter starting with the rifle. He performed a Nevada sweep on seven steel targets. The shooter then picked up a pre-staged Subgun and moved to position two and took out an assortment of steel targets finishing up on a steel stop plate. The range was reset for the second run. The team event consisted of two shooters. One shooter was armed with a rifle and the other with a Subgun. Dont forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match again will be a week later than our normal date as not to interfere with the SAR show in Phoenix. The date will be on 12/15/19. This will be a Pistol and Subgun match. You will need a center fire pistol and a sub gun. I will send out a reminder before the match.


Ben Post Cory 50.85 1st A
Irv Falkoff Buzzy 66.90
Dave White Amy 81.55


Ben Post MP5 63.44 1st A
Peter Landi M16 9mm 72.35
Dylan Wylie UZI 76.99
Mike Verville Mp5 78.20 1st B
Irv Falkoff M16 9mm 79.49
John Wylie Jr. UZI 82.79
Erol Welshons STEN 87.98
Sasha Franchey Beretta 12s 100.48 1st C
Dave White Sterling 112.58
George AcAlpine STEN 121.20
Tom Miller MP5K 126.61
Jack Wylie UZI 142.65


Matt Adams UZI 63.14 1st A
Joe White MP5 90.45
Dave White MP40 94.68 1st B
Robin Lancaster M6 97.99
Sasha Franchey Mp5 98.63
George AcAlpine STEN 125.79 1st C
Erol Welshons M16 9 126.79
Jason Norris MP5 137.97
Michael Willer MP5 161.98


Ben Post MP5 51.55 1st A
Peter Landi M16 9mm 53.83
Matt Adams M11 Lage 59.22 1st B
Mike Verville Mp5 70.21
Irv Falkoff M16 9 73.48 1st C
Joe White M10 9 82.30
Pat OConnor M10 9 93.91
Omar Lazo Max Lage 96.10


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
26.83 28.89 29.11 29.37 30.83 30.90 34.60 36.62
Irv Mike V Omar Dylan Dave Mike W George Jason
Pat Peter Ben Matt Erol Robin Joe Sasha