Our next match will be this coming Sunday, December 1, 2019. Any WWII or older Military Rifle from any country, Bolt or Semi.

The "Flavor of The Month" special event will be the M1 Garand. Adopted by the United States Army in 1936 for use as our Service Rifle, it was the first self-loading rifle to be of general issue in any army.
Introduced 5 years before the Pearl Harbor attack, and proclaimed by General George S. Patton as "The greatest implement of battle ever devised", it served throughout World War II and Korea.
An American Icon, The M1 Garand is historically one of the greatest battle rifles of all times.

The M1 event will be a issue-ammo match. Each shooter will receive a en bloc clip and 50 rounds of 30-06 HXP M2 Ball ammo from the CMP ($30). All will shoot the same ammo.

You can shoot 2 rifles if you like, one in each event, or one rifle in one event.

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