This was the fifth match of our season. This was a Sub Gun Only. We got lucky again with the weather. It was an absolutely beautiful day with warm temperatures sunny skies and almost no wind. We had a very large turnout but the match moved along smoothly. Unfortunately the gun gods were not kind to us as it seemed we were plagued with several malfunctions. I have never seen so many “Hand Clears” in one match and it wasn’t just HK’s this time. Even my 38A had one, and I can count all the malfunctions I have ever had with that gun in the last ten years on one hand. The match was a one stage match with the shooter starting in a box with the Subgun at low ready taking out a plate rack. The shooter then moved down range shooting at steel dinders on both sides of the bay to position two and finishing up on a steel stop plate. The range was reset for the second run. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 02/09/20 . This will be our annual St Valentines Match. This will be a Subgun only match but there will be a special class for Thompsons so bring those choppers out for some fun. I will send out a reminder before the match.


Irv Falkoff Buzzy 48.04 1st “A”
Dave White Amy 59.82
Richard Jones Rattler UZI 61.15
Ben Post Cory DNF
Joe White Zippy DNF


Ben Post MP5 47.56 1st “A”
Peter Landi M16 9mm 50.00
Dave White Sterling 51.77
John Wylie Jr. UZI 59.52
Mike Verville MP5 63.08 1st “B”
Lee Chavez MP5 68.43
Tom Miller MP5 69.48
Irv Falkoff MP5 74.49
Erol Welshons STEN 79.88 1st “C”
Jack Wylie UZI 86.83
George AcAlpine STEN 90.76
Shawn McClellan MP5 DNF
Randy Burnette MP5 DNF


Erol Welshons M16 9mm 47.66 1st “A”
Matt Adams UZI 55.16
Bill Brizzee UZI 61.35
Robin Lancaster M6 62.16 1st “B”
Mac McAllister UZI 69.93
Dave White MP40 79.73
George AcAlpine STEN 82.83 1st “C”
Etsuo Morohoshi MP5 84.99
Jason Norris MP5 105.96
Richard Jones UZI DNF


Ben Post MP5 38.09 1st “A”
Matt Adams M11 Lage 41.09
Mac McAllister Lage 46.28
Mike Verville MP5 48.59 1st “B”
Irv Falkoff MP5 48.77
Kaycee Verville MP5 58.98
Gary Pfaff M11 Lage 65.92
Omar Lazo Max Lage 66.72 1st “C”
Joe white M11 Lage 70.99
Robin Lancaster MP45 82.52
Bill Brizzee UZI 99.40
Shawn McCelland MP5 DNF