Hi Guys,
We will be having a Machine Gun Match this Sunday at Desert Sportsman. This will be our annual St. Valentines Day Tommy Gun Match. It will be a Subgun Only match with a special class for Thompsons so bring out those choppers. The match will be limited to two classes for time restraints. We encourage costumes to spice up the theme. Jane made Valentine cookies and heart shaped targets will be used. Hopefully the weather will be good for us. They are calling for a cool down and wind in the afternoon so I hopefully we can beat it and finish early. We will be using some new targets that were handed down to us by the cowboys. The club made some bases for us too. They are all dingers and swingers so that will help in a speedy match. Set up is at 0800 to 0845 and the match will start at 0900. See you at the range.