This was the sixth match of our season. This was our annual St Valentines day match with a separate class for Thompsons. We did not get lucky with the weather this month. It was an absolutely horrible day. It was very cold with high winds and overcast skies. We had a very large turnout with several entrees shooting Thompsons. Unfortunately the gun gods were not kind to us as it seemed we were plagued with several malfunctions again this month. Because of this and the bad weather we decided to only do one run and head for home. The match was a 3 stage match with the shooter starting in a box with the Subgun at low ready taking out three heart shaped paper targets. The shooter then moved two stage two where the giant swinger was encountered also with four steel targets. The shooter then moved to position three and engaged steel dingers in any order. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 03/ 08/20. This will be our annual Bowling Pin BELT FED MATCH. I will send out a reminder before the match.


Irv Falkoff Buzzy 16.84 1st “A”
Richard Jones Rattler UZI 31.21
Ben Post Cory 33.68


Peter Landi M16 9mm 12.70 1st “A”
Ben Post MP5 13.38
Mac McAllister M3A1 22.92 1st “B”
Mike Verville MP5 24.52
Tom Miller MP5k 40.74
Patrick Enright UZI 41.97 1st “C”
Lee Chavez MP5 44.66
Randy Burnette MP5 70.96
Andy Wade M16 9mm DNF


Robin Lancaster M6 25.09 1st “A”
Dave White MP40 28.11
Sasha Franchey MP5 39.51 1st “B”
Bill Brizzee UZI 56.24
Joe White UZI 65.16
Ray Rawson UZI 167.80 1st “C”


Ben Post MP5 9.97 1st “A”
Mike Verville MP5 13.78
Peter Landi M16 9mm 17.14
Omar Lazo Max Lage 18.70
Irv Falkoff MP5 24.55 1st “B”
Mike Collander M11 Lage 34.19
Richard Jones UZI 35.58
Pat O’Connor M10 Lage 42.12
Kaycee Verville MP5 43.40 1st “C”
Gary Pfaff M11 Lage 52.79
Steve Weiss M11 Lage 79.51


Robin Lancaster 1928 28.61 1st “A”
Joe White 1928 31.01
Dave White M1A1 32.44
Patrick Enright Spitfire 34.93
Mac McAllister M1A1 41.32 1st “B”
Dylan Wylie 1928 41.74
John Wylie 1928 44.32
Bill Brizzee M1A1 54.08
Sasha Franchey M1A1 67.52 1st “C”
Steve Weiss M1A1 72.16
Jack Wylie 1928 72.18
Andy Wade 1927 79.78
Richard Jones 1928 DNF
Irv Falkoff M1A1 DNF