So no ViMSAR match this month. I’ll advise you if this changes and you can always check up on the club website.

A small turnout for this month’s match, but good weather with only light winds.
Rapid fire to start Stage One, with 25 seconds to engage a 250yd. target, five rounds. Then five more at a 300yd. target, slow fire. All from prone supported position.
Sweep front to back and repeat on Stage Two, with targets at 200, 300 and 400yds. Two points for all 400yd. hits. Sitting supported.
Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 200, 175 and 225yds. with a Nevada Sweep.
Stage Four started with six pistol rounds at a large 35yd. target. Then from standing position, engage targets at 150 and 200yds with a ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario.
The grenade pitch started the tie breaker Stage Five, followed by six pistol rounds at a small 25yd. target. Then from any unsupported position, engage targets at 160, 220 and 100yds. Nevada Sweep.
Possible high score of 68.

1. Joe Brennan------------------Swedish Mauser---------------6.5x55-----------------------61
2. English Andy--------------Swedish Mauser M-96------------6.5x55-----------------------59
3. Marty Bridges-------------Czech Mauser VZ-24--------------.308-------------------------56
4. Bill Brizzee-----------------Smith Corona ‘03-A3------------.30-06-----------------------48
5. Dave Neely------------------Brazilian Mauser-----------------7x57------------------------47
6. Bobby Ramsay-----------Swedish Mauser M-38-------------6.5x55-----------------------42
7. Lou Panelli---------------------Yugo Mauser------------------.308-------------------------40
8. Travis Lindsey---------------Springfield ‘03-A3-------------.30-06------------------------38 (158.67 secs)
9. Walt Robak----------------------Mauser K-98-----------------.308-------------------------38 (189.41 secs)
10. Richard Trees------------------Mauser K-98-----------------8x57------------------------36
11. Troy Payne-----------------------Swiss K-31---------------7.5x55-----------------------35 (138.50 secs)
12. Wayne Perry------------------Mosin Nagant--------------7.62x54R---------------------35 (213.35 secs)
13. Richard Kolokski--------------Finn Nagant----------------7.62x54R---------------------33 (107.32 secs)
14. Miguel Quintanilla--------Remington M-1903--------------.30-06-----------------------33 (173.04 secs)
15. Charles Frequez-----------Springfield ‘03-A3--------------.30-06-----------------------31
16. Bryant Day---------------Swedish Mauser M-96-----------6.5x55-----------------------30 (159.30 secs)
17. Douglas McNamara --- Swedish Mauser M-96------------6.5x55----------------------30 (160.00 secs)