Please read this message in its entirety.I am excited to inform you that the Board of Directors of the Bolder Rifle and Pistol Club have approved our request to run our match on June 7th.
It is extremely important that the following procedures are adhered to.

All shooters must preregister with me either by email at or phone or text at 702-812-9372. Include the rifle and caliber you will be shooting ( 1 or 2 rifles) and the squad you wish to shoot with. One individual may register his squad if he has all the information. Please bring the correct change to the match to reduce the unnecessary handling of money. $10 for one rifle, $20 if you're shooting two.

If you are in a high risk group or are not feeling well we ask that you take appropriate precautions. In addition, each shooter will need to supply his/her own mask and/or gloves if they wish to wear them.

If you are unwilling to follow these simple procedures or can't take this seriously, then please do not attend.

The following procedures will be set in place for Vintage Military Rifle Silhouette Match on June 7, 2020.

Match participants will be encouraged to park a safe distance from each other in order to keep social distancing standards when loading and unloading their vehicles before and after each event.

Registration will be by phone, email, text, instant message, etc. as much as possible to prevent sharing paperwork and writing utensils. Registration the morning of the event will be by conversation only.

No sharing of pens and no close contact will take place. Registration fees will be placed in a can by the shooter so no money changes hands until it can be properly sanitized. Score cards will be pre-printed and squads will be preset so the shooter is the only one to come on contact with his/her score card.

Shooters will be in groups of 10 or less (normally 5 to 7) and will be limited to 5 stations that are over 6 feet apart from stool to stool to ensure social distancing standards are maintained throughout the event.

Spotters will be assigned to a bench the same as the shooters and will stay 6 feet behind the shooter. Other members of the squad will stand at the back of the bay and maintain social distancing.

Awards will be individually wrapped and handled by only one person after external cleaning.

Hand wash stations will be available and have both soap and water or hand sanitizer to allow participants to maintain a safe environment should they accidentally come in contact with an unfamiliar object.

There will be no refreshments supplied.

The match will be open to registered participants only. No spectators allowed within the covered shooting area.

All picnic benches, shooting tables and gun racks, etc. will be sanitized prior to and after the event.

Those in high vulnerable groups will be encouraged to take personal responsibility in attending the event and should take their own precautions as they see fit. It should be noted that an open-air environment

in 100 degree + temperature and in full sun is an extremely safe environment to operate such an event. Viruses simply cannot live in such conditions.

The silhouette range will be closed from 0700 through the end of the competition.

That's it guys. We feel it's worth the trouble so we get to do what we love to do. I look forward to seeing you there.

Our next Match will Sunday, June 7, 2020. Any WWII or older Military Rifle from any country, Bolt or Semi.

The "Flavor of The Month" special event will be Scoped Military Rifle. Any WWII or older Military Rifle from any country with a scope of 6X or less. If you have a variable power, it can be set to 6X or less.

You can shoot 2 rifles if you like, one in each event or one rifle in one event.

This will be the last scheduled Match for the summer months. We may entertain the idea of a match in August or September, with an earlier starting time, if there is any interest.

A 60 round Match

Please remember preregistration Is required. You can do this by email, text or calling Marty at 702-812-9372. Email is
Include weapon and caliber and whether you will be shooting one or two rifles.

Also, please bring exact change to reduce the unnecessary handling of money.

Sign In.......8am