Our next Match will be this coming Sunday May 5, 2019. Any WWII or older Military Rifle from any country, Bolt or Semi.

The "Flavor of The Month" special event will be the 7.5 Swiss cartridge. Adopted by Switzerland in 1889 for use in the Schmidt-Rubin Straight-Pull Bolt Action Rifle. The Swiss Army Service Rifle went through several design changes with the final one being the Model 31 or K31 that remained in service until 1958. With its tight tolerances and Swiss craftsmanship, the K31 shooting GP-11 Swiss issue ammunition is considered by many to be one of the most accurate military bolt action battle rifles ever produced.

Any 7.5 Swiss Rifle may be used.

GP-11 Swiss ammo available at the range if needed.

You can shoot 2 rifles if you like, one in each event, or one rifle in one event.

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