A low turn out on Cinco de Mayo. A sunny morning with a temperature of 81 degrees and southerly winds at 8 gusting to 17 mph. Six stages with a possible high score of 60. First stage was the 4' gong at 940 yards from the bench. Second stage was the Hog/gong at 335 yards from the prone position. The third stage also from the prone position was the chicken and gong at 212 yards. Next was the standing/kneeling at the 400 yard plate. The fifth stage was sitting unsupported at the 190 yard plate. The sixth stage was the ram and the plate at 547 yards.

A special thank you to Mac for bringing all the gear and help setting up and for Marty for running the match.

Shooter Rifle/caliber Score
1st Bobby Ramsey Swede Mauser 6.5x55 39
John Stoneman M1 Garand 30-06 36
Tom Panagos M1 Garand 30-06 35
Miguel Quintanilla M1 Garand 30-06 32
Ron Jacobson Swede Mauser 6.5x55 28
Gary Pfaff Swede Mauser 6.5x55 23
Mac McAllister Finn M39 7.62x54R DNF

1st Sam Gass Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R 20
Bruce Henry Sprinfield 1903 30-06 18

Novice/First time shooters
1st Dann DeBoer M1 Garand 30-06 13
Glenn Feyen Enfield No 4 Mk 1 10

Special event Swiss 7.5x55
1st Bobby Ramsey Swiss K31 46
Troy Payne Swiss K31 35
Mac McAllister Swiss K31 32
Ron Jacobson Swiss K11 27
Bruce Henry Schmidt Rubin 1896/11? 26